JP Foundation Mission Statement:

The JP Foundation is dedicated to helping families who have experienced a tragedy in their lives. John Paulís kindness and caring personality will drive us to make a difference through support, education and as much financial assistance as possible. We will continue to ask God to guide John Paul and all those families in similar situations through a speedy recovery.


JP Foundation Roots:

On January 24th, 2007, four Center Area High School students were involved in a horrific automobile crash. This crash affected many lives and still does today.

The driver of the car lost control and crossed the median into oncoming traffic. After entering on-coming highway traffic, they struck a pick-up truck head-on. One passenger, Chelsey Roman , was killed in the crash. John Paul Filippi suffered a severe brain stem injury. He was taken to Presbyterian Hospital where he was treated for his injuries. John Paul was in a coma for a short period of time there at Presbyterian. Over the past year John Paul has been a resident of many different health care facilities and he has visited with many health care specialists. John Paulís recovery has been long and hard on him and his family. John Paulís current medical status is he is in a minimally conscious state. Although John Paul does answer questions with eye blinks and thumbs-up, he is not communicating freely or consistently.

Immediately following the accident, friends and family created a recovery fund to help John Paul and his family with many of the expenses not covered by insurance. The response was overwhelmingÖ money came in from all over the country. Relatives, Friends, Classmates and complete strangers sent donations into ESB Bankís Center Branch.

The recovery process will not only take time, it will create many expenses that the Filippi family will incur. These expenses include: medical equipment, physical therapy and future medical procedures. John Paulís Mother and Father had to modify their homes to be able to provide the proper care needed for John Paul.

In the Summer of 2007, John Paulís dad mentioned to friends, Mike Sisk and Brian Hulme that he wanted to organize a benefit golf outing to help support John Paulís recovery fund. It seemed like the next day Mike and Brian had a plan in place. Mike Sisk, his family and Brian went above and beyond the call of duty to pull together what most would consider an impossible taskÖ organize a major golf outing in less than two months. Well, in September of 2007, the First Annual John Paul Recovery Fund Golf Outing was held at Blackhawk Country Club. What an event!! There were in excess of 250 golfers, a sold out golf tournament. Again, support for this event came from all over the countryÖ from Hawaii to Baltimore. Other than an airplane landing onto one of the Blackhawk fairways the day before the eventÖ it went over without a single hitch. A special thanks to all of our major sponsors, there was an an overwhelming response for golf outing donations.

It was at this moment that John, his family and friends decided this Fund should be more than what it is. A week after the most successful golf fundraiser in Center Township history, The John Paul Filippi Recovery Fund became the JP Foundation. Although we are still getting through the entire legal process to finalize the foundation, it has not kept us from moving forward. Mike Sisk, Brian Hulme and Michael Nalli have been appointed as the Board of Directors of the JP Foundation.

The JP Foundationís goal is to help those people who find themselves in unique and challenging situations like John Paul and his family. We will continue to help those who need help for as long as there is support for our efforts. We ask you to send this web site link to all of your relatives, all of your friends and every one of your business colleagues. With every donation we receive, we are closer to helping another family in need. We also ask you to let those who could use our help know they now have a place to turnÖ give them this web address and have them visit ASAP.

So, we begin another chapter of this inspiring story. The date for this year's JP Foundation Golf Outing is set. On September 20, 2008, we will tee it up again to help those who really need our support.

The JP Foundation will continue to be fueled by the strength of John Paul Filippi and by the spirit of Chelsey Roman. Your support is the machine that will keep the Foundation moving forward!